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From version 3.x, you can use Azura builder for other Joomla components: Content, Contacts, Custom Module and even with popular K2. 

To make this possible, firstly,  you have to enable it on Azura component configuration screen -> Azura Builder tab. For more details see: Azura Configuration

Secondly, Azura - Content, System - Azura Builder and K2 - Azura Builder plugins are enabled.

If Azura builder is enabled for Joomla Content component then when you go to edit an article item, the editing screen look like this:

  1. Azura buttons to use layout builder or default editor to edit the article text.
  2. Azura button to expand the builder area to fullwidth.

Note: If you change the article text in Editor mode then you need to save the article item first ( before go to Azura Builder tab to use layout builder ).

There is layout builder on Azura Builder tab, which is similar on azura page. Where you can add page sections ( Row elements ) and its content elements to build complex layout for the article.

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