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1. Add new page

To create a new page, in the component pages view ( Components -> Azura Page Builder menu ) click to New button.

This will bring you to new page editor screen. 

2. Page builder areas

The new page creen includes these sections:

  1. Page Title: where you can enter title for the page. The alias field is automatically genereated.
  2. Global Options panel: set the page status, category, tags, front-end access and language.
  3. Page Introtext: which will be used on Cateogry page.
  4. Builder Area: this is your main page content.
  5. Add new Row element to the builder area.
  6. Page Layout: choose your layout for front-page view. This will override if the page is menu page where you select its layout first.
  7. Prebuilt templates: display all prebuilt and save page/section templates.
  8. Page CSS: custom css style for the page.
  9. Preview button.
  10. Page Meta options: where you can edit page publish date, social share info and ACL
  11. Show/Hide the global options.
3. Create page sections

A page can contains one or more sections ( Hero Header, About us, Features, Portfolios... ), and in Azura page a section is a Row element. To add new Row element to the page click to the Add Row or plus buttons on the Builder Area.

You can drag a Row element above or under another one to reorder them.

Every new Row element added to page it contains one Column element. A Row may contains one or more columns, then you are able to add content elements into each column.

There are layout and plus icons on the top left corner of a row element where you can structure its columns layout or add new column.

Every element has edit icon which will open settings window for the element. There are also duplicate and delete icons.

4. Edit Column element

Click to edit icon on  column element to open up element settings window. There are several option tabs on the window which allow you change its style, typography, animation and widths.

On Responsive tab there are options to control the column width for individual desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

5. Adding page content

The Row and Column elements do just layout job. They haven't content so you have to add your content element ( Text Block, Single Image, Image Slider... ) into your page.

To add a content element click to plus button on column element. It will open elements selector window, just choose an element to add.

When an element is added a settings window for the element may appear then you have to config it first. When done click to Save Change button to save it settings then Save button on the top bar to save your page.

After the page is saved you may want to click to the Preview button to view how it display on front-end.

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