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There are three menu types for Azura.

  1. Category List: display a list of pages in a selected category
  2. Categories: list all child categories for a selected category
  3. Single Page: display a single page

To create a new menu item, go to Menus -> All Menu Items admin menu then click to New button on the top bar.

In the creating menu page, you have to select Azura menu type for Menu Item Type field:

If menu type is single azura page then you have to select a page to display:

There are also some fields you need to edit:

  1. Title: the menu title.
  2. Menu: which menu the menu item will appear in.
  3. Parent Item: whether the menu item is child of a menu item or is top level in the menu ( selected above ).
  4. Template Style: select different style for the menu item or just use default.

Then save it with Save button on the top bar.

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